Our Services


Because we must understand your business model in order to develop your application, we include a business consulting service as part of any custom solution. We will review your business logic and workflow, and ask questions that will help you evaluate your current practices. We also offer specific consulting services, such as FileMaker Development.

FileMaker Development

We offer several levels of FileMaker development services. We can design your entire solution using you as the subject matter expert, or we can provide assistance to your in-house developers. When we work with in-house developers, our goal is to increase their skill set and enable them to manage and expand the application that we build with them.

Custom Database Applications

We can build a custom database solution for you whether your business has one user or hundreds of users. We will often combine several tools so your solution can be accessible wherever it is needed. In all custom solutions, we consider you and/or your employees to be the subject matter experts. We depend on you to help us learn how your business works so that we can build an application designed for your needs. We have found that in most cases, this provides a more productive and less expensive solution than trying to customize an off-the-shelf solution, or customizing a solution we previously built for another client. We have learned over the years that every business, even in the same industry, is unique.

Custom Web Applications

We create dynamic content Web sites. There are many technologies that are available for Web solutions. We will assess your needs and recommend the technologies that best meet your requirements. We update our skill sets (and those of the teams we assemble) continuously, thus enabling us to provide you with recommendations that are not just the latest bells and whistles, but that will best meet your unique needs.

Web Design

We can work with your Web designer, or use one of the few whose work we feel is up to our standards. Our Web designers all specialize in the design side of Web development, but understand the needs of dynamic content. They all share our commitment to custom designs for every client.