FileMaker is an excellent tool for a business database. What it may have at one time lacked in performance and scaleability has been overcome in the last few years. FileMaker is the largest selling database for both Windows and Mac. It is an extremely rapid development environment for a skilled developer. The past several versions have provided increasing robust tools and here at DSS, we have been working with very large solutions that use a SQL database combined with FileMaker.

FileMaker Integration

Some customers do not have an existing database, or their needs have changed to the point where it is easiest to start over. DSS has successfully developed applications as diversified as relational databases for schools with multiple sites, to Web-based inventory tracking systems for use by businesses and non-profit organizations. Our knowledge of, and experience with, many different platforms and technologies means that we are thoroughly conversant with issues such as the integration of FileMaker and SQL databases; this gives you confidence that you are always using the best tool for the job. Our goal is to provide custom solutions to increase your productivity and give you more efficient ways to grow your business. We design systems that work for you, so you can get more work done.

Existing FileMaker Solutions

There are still many small and large businesses who are using much earlier versions of FileMaker. We specialize in taking an internally developed FileMaker solution and assisting you with redesign, expansion, and/or increased efficiency. DSS is uniquely qualified to review your current database solutions in preparation for conversion to a FileMaker 15 application. We have been doing conversions and re-writes for customers since FileMaker 7. We keep current on the latest tools for developers and regularly attend trainings to keep up to date. We are often involved in early testing of new FileMaker versions as they become available to the developer community.